FSE Listings: Why list on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange with FSE Listings and Issue Bonds versus working with Equity Placement firms, Equity Lines or Equity Capital Partners

FSE Listings: Why list on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange with FSE Listings and Issue Bonds versus working with Equity Placement firms, Equity Lines or Equity Capital Partners

Initially one needs to understand the cost to a company of taking shareholder equity. By committing to Equity Placement firms and or Equity Line holders shares of the firm, you are giving them a direct claim to your firms profits proportionate to their investment and holding of your firm. Therefore, you as a company need to consider:

The Real Cost Of Money – The cost of issuing shares is higher in the long-term than that of developing a debt instrument such as a bond. For example, the limitation of a Bond with a 10% yield, a shareholder is limitless based on a portion ownership of your firms growth. A Bond may be over 5 years, and the capital invested increases your capacity by 50%, so the funds in place are justifiable for the coupon payment of 10%. After 5 years, your firm earns all the profits of the decision made. With shares and shareholders, as long as there are shareholders, they have a right to the profits of the company ongoing. Often companies underestimate the real costs to gain the shareholders, which are in short the immediate and ongoing cost of legal, accounting, financial advisory, governance and corporate professionals such as brokers, bankers, and sponsors. In the current markets, these costs can absorb up to 50% of funds raised in an IPO, and sometimes they are costs that exceed the capital raised directly related to their services. Often, after the exercise of writing a prospectus and preparing your firm to raise capital, the capital raising in the private equity market depends on your ability to help raise money and pay attention to the shareholders and potential investors to gain the investment. The time consuming exercise deteriorates even some of the strongest businesses as the focus is on capital and not the company management and profitability during that timeframe. This is a high cost.

Loss of Control – The Company loses control to make decisions as it is required to consult with the shareholders of the Company. This is a difficult choice for entrepreneurs, and it is even more difficult when trying to set the today value of the dreams, aspirations, and blue sky of a firm to an investor. Often private equity involves losing more control than debt of the operations and decision making of a company.

Downward Pressure on the firm’s value – Go public and merger law related firms, or firms who offer equity lines of credit, convertible debentures, and private placement services at a discount of your share price create pressure on your stock and companies value. Especially the Bridge Loan programs for listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, whereby they take their 5% of the shares and sell them into the market or at a discount to shareholders who liquidate based on emotion as they have no relationship with your firm and its success. Equity line firms strive on being issued shares for no upfront cash over a 15 day period or more so that they can sell shares into your market pushing down the stock value and bid so they can make more profit, of up to 50-90% in some cases. These PIPEs, Debt Financing, and special purpose private equity placements are toxic to companies who want to raise additional capital as their company value is driven down to pennies and control is ultimately diluted both in voting power and in their ability to raise and attract interest of capital. Beware of the equity partners and capital firms who offer Equity Lines, Private Placement, Bridge Capital, and Financing options prelisting of your firm. The most illiquid moment of a company is prelisting, and therefore, the owner of such a document actually has control of your firm before giving you a dime. The ability to apply pressure to anyone’s share price in our opinion is the ability to control someones firm. Bridge Loan (Sharks) and joker brokers who assist firms who do not have the 60k euro to list on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange prey on unsuspecting firms for their 5%+ of your deal and reputation to take advantage of your firm once it is listed. Don’t fall into the penny stock pump and dump scenario by avoiding these kinds of partners from the beginning. In addition, these firms may disguise their tactics by promising stock promotions of which you will be able to liquidate your shares and or your shareholders will be able to liquidate their shares into a vibrant market. We receive 5-10 phone calls per week from these types of stock promoter and bridge capital firms who are trying to sell their shares privately and exit the company. Their interest is not in your firm or your share price, its exiting their position. Be vigilant about who you choose as your partners, and before you choose anyone, get the advice of FSE Listings Inc as to their professional reputation by contacting www.fselistings.com.

Effects on the Balance Sheet and Financials

Dividends are paid from after-tax earnings, bond payments and interest payments are tax deductible. This affects the relative costs to the company of financing by issuing interest-based securities and financing through ordinary shares.

Everyone always thinks about listing a firm and raising private equity capital, however, public company shares are just the ability to offer shares and liquidate shares in a public arena. Thus, it gives a cash flow value to the shares of the company. Unlike private company shares that generally have no cash flow value. By listing your firm on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, your shares have cash value to insurance firms and debtors, who will develop a corporate securitized bond collateralized by the cash flow and assets of the company.

The Benefits of the Bond and Frankfurt Listing:

  • No loss of control
  • Interest and Coupon Payments that are tax
    deductible, not from after tax earnings
  • Limiting the claim to the companies prosperity
    to rate of interest or coupon payments versus a shareholder claim of the
    profits (the true cost of money)
  • Access to the full amount of capital required
  • No downward pressure on your share value or

If an investment in your firm could double capacity or greater over the next 5 years projections of your firm, you should be considering building a Bond and Frankfurt Listing with FSE Listings Robert Russell, Russell@fselistings.com. Contact us to see if you qualify by filling-out our documents and obtaining a
free pre-valuation of your firm!

Listing a firm on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange takes 3-6 weeks, qualifying for bond issuances takes 2-4 weeks, within 10 weeks you could be a listed and funded firm on the FSE! Don’t hesitate to contact the top listing firm for foreign firms outside of Germany like yourself!

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FSEIR.com: Frankfurt Stock Exchange Investor Relations, finding high-net worth investors through strategic internet marketing and exposure to a $100 billion fund network

Finding an effective network or strategy of reaching high-net worth investors for exposure to your public company or private firm is often the largest challenge. The internet is one of the liberators to reaching this market and qualifying the eligibility of people prior to solicitation of any kind. Key aspects and components that have allowed up to several $100 million in placements globally:

  • Development of an Industry website and qualifying data sheet that meets the jurisdictional definitions of the
    “investor” who is allowed to make a placement in your firm  Supply of an industry report, information
    memorandum, and or summary on the business without direct solicitation, based on an opt-in of interest on your firm
  • Usage of Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn, Investor Networks, Private Growth, Angel Networks,
  • Investor Hubs, and other such networks to find High Networth Individuals (HNIs) Public relations exposure on an extensive global network for press releases, and appropriately placed contact details for filling in forms on the companies website or a script for investor relations or corporate representatives to pre-qualify those contacting the company
  • Investor Forums, Interviews, and Web Casts that drive potential shareholders to assert their interest in the industry and the firm
  • Access to newsletters and opt-in emails
  • Direct contact that encourages individuals to take initiative and qualify themselves through a web interface for receiving information and self-certifying their eligibility

Suppliers of reports have their own networks, thus, they often drive an additional following to your company.

Ensure your firm is always trying to collect data on all persons who contact the firm, regardless if they are an investor or not, qualifying them helps mitigate problems that could occur if unqualified individuals make an investment from talking to your public company or employees. Knowing they are certified increases your confidence as a company in what you share and can share as far as company information and opinions.  Knowing increases your ability to attract the investment!

If you would like to build a qualified investor database or develop an interest in your firm from sophisticated investors, you should be looking at the Online Qualified Investor marketing program and Social Media
Marketing campaign. The quality of the clients attracted to your firm, one lead could more than pay for the cost of a campaign!

Contact Cameron@FSElistings.com, Cameron Brady Frankfurt Stock Exchange Investor Relations!

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FSE Listings: Funding Farming and Businesses Related to Agriculture to be the future investments and exciting listings on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange

Funding Farming and Businesses Related to Agriculture to be the future investments and exciting listings on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange

At FSE Listings Inc, we tend to look into the crystal ball to see where is the future globally and what markets appear the most attractive for investors, who do we want to list, who do we want to help, where are the best opportunities.

By far, the growth in the agriculture industry, its requirement to meet global food crisis demands, the use of crops as fuels, forestry, and other feedstock uses drive the industry.

Interesting enough, Agriculture is one of the highest emitting Greenhouse Gas contributors and also one of the highest contributors to the abatement of such emissions. From both of these factoids, come opportunities, businesses that will be in high-demand include:

–      Crop management and automation

–      Fertilizer alternatives and management

–      Biochemical growth in addition to biological development of new plant breeds

–      Low emission farming systems

–      Funding internationally is not enough to meet demand, thus a grain and agricultural boom driven by private capital subsidized by Government will grow exponentially

–      Biofuels business will expand based on second or third generation biofuel production

–      Waste to Energy will grow for biofuels, fuel recycling, waste to char and compost, waste to fertilizer businesses

Agricultures triple challenge is actually your business opportunity. Meeting the food security objectives, adapting to climate change, and reducing greenhouse emissions.

Investment opportunities can enhance the profitability of producers and other actors across the agri-value chain while simultaneously mitigating climate change. Understanding the interdependencies of agribusiness along the value chain is just as important as understanding the sector itself. The agricultural value chain includes input providers, producers and off-takers, but also the manufacturing segment, service providers, processing plants and the extension of large scale farm cooperatives. Financial institutions with the skills to address agribusinesses globally focus on the whole value chain.

In addition, we predict the removal of distortions to the agricultural trade policies will remove barriers, reducing international inequality, largely boosting net farm incomes and raising real wages for unskilled workers in developing countries.

We strongly support building more farms, for example embracing and driving the expansion of Maize farms across sub-Saharan Africa, pushing towards the Green Revolution much like the transformation in yield gains for rice and wheat in Asia. Adoption of improved seeds, and drive for a higher yield, with more efficient fertilizer usage and crop management practices. Where domestic maise production cannot keep up with the demand for maize production for expanding urban populations within Africa that new policies, new technologies, and new business driven opportunities require to emerge within this sector. In actual fact, agricultural trade policy changes, advanced growth in the market, management, and investment will not only drive a green revolution but:

–      Increase food and food security

–      Reduce Poverty

–      Reduce Greenhouse emissions

–      Grow private industry and economic stability

Build agricultural businesses within developing markets which cater to the overall whole value chain, and capital will be made available on international markets. If you are interested in what would be available for your agricultural projects from the German Marketplace, consider getting a free listing assessment with FSE Listings Inc.

There is a market that wants to help you “Grow” and that is Frankfurt. Contact info@fselistings.com

Allow us to do a free consultation for your firm.

Financing of Agricultural Companies Listed On Frankfurt

Cashflow companies that can service debt or return on investment to shareholders with growth would be eligible for listing Bonds, Securitized Loans, and Structured Financing. On occasion the assets of firms are not enough, and the insurance firm and Banks issuing the Bond require collateral above and beyond the asset to fast track capital. By listing a firm on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange with FSE Listings Inc, you can utilize the listed companies shares in conjunction with the company’s assets as liquid security, improving both the chance of getting the required funds and increasing your rating to a AA Rating. Firms who work with FSE Listings Inc are willing to insure and finance Agricultural focused companies up to 5 million euro who fit the criteria for funding.

About FSE Listings Inc

FSE Listings Inc is the leading listing firm for the Frankfurt Stock Exchange listings outside of Germany and the recognized leader bar-none over any other firm for non-German Companies. With offices in Spain, UK, South Africa, Guatemala, Mexico, Canada, the USA, Netherlands, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Philippines, Thailand, Mozambique, and Ireland. Many firms have in-house law firms, which increase your cost of listing and hinder your process, FSE Listings Inc utilizes the best and quickest law firms, listing partners, designated sponsors, and local service providers. In addition, our finance partners have the access to innovative proven mechanisms of getting the capital and commitments your firm requires in a timely and reliable fashion.  By going with our firm, you get all of the best professionals as a one-stop service agreement.http://www.fselistings.com

In addition, we have interested investment partners and merger and acquisition parties who aim to buy up farms in Africa; raise productivity by using sustainable agriculture, such as no-till farming; and sell the produce domestically. As an African based listing firm, FSE Listings Inc also wants to support financing of firms with CSI initiatives such as teaching local farmers better techniques.

If you have a farm, and need funding, contact info@fselistings.com. If you are in the agricultural industry and want to grow, please also contact us.

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FSE Listings: UK Frankfurt Listed Company with Bond Issuance To Raise Capital

UK Frankfurt Listed Company with Bond Issuance

We have a structure which will allow your firm to list on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange utilizing a UK company, of which we then have the capacity to insure all investments going into the company in a Bond format, provided your asset and cashflow mechanisms can service the bonds or debt instruments.The structure can place from 5 million to 50 million euro depending on your companies qualifications and risk factors for the insurer. At the end of the day, your investment vehicle will be rated a double A rating giving investors guaranteed returns making it easier to raise capital for your venture.No one else can offer this to you, contact info@fselistings.com to see if you qualify today!!! http://www.fselistings.com

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FSE Listings: Frankfurt Stock Exchange Listings Shells for Sale

Frankfurt Stock Exchange Shells for Sale

FSE Listings and FrankfurtShell.com are the leading source for custom built Frankfurt Shells with no financial history or debts that could affect your business. We do not sell second hand shell companies, on occasion we will deal with reputable vendors within the industry.

All of our Frankfurt public shells include:

–          500,000 euro paid in capital

–          10 cents par value

–          Equity lines of Credit and Financing optional (depends on your assets)

–          100% clean

–          Trading with symbol

–          Good Market Maker relationship

–          Complete and Deliverable

–          No debts with the market maker

–          Optional Prospectus or IM available

–          All legal and reverse merger costs

–          Process overseen by licensed European Financial Advisor (FSE, AIM, Plus, Euronext, DAX)

FSE Listings specialization is working with non-German companies from anywhere in the world seeking a Frankfurt Listing and capital for their company through a publicly traded company on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. We guarantee a simple merger process that will take less than 2 weeks, complete and delivered with trading and financing set-up for the company.

What is important about FSE Listings shells?

When we deliver the shares, it comes with strong market market relationships, we do not keep a percentage of the company, and you get a financing agreement to assist to bring capital to your firm.

Why are our competitors shells not good?

Most competitors sell dirty shells, which means they have shares in the float either held by them or a third party which gets sold to your market maker, and when this happens your market maker delists the shell you purchased. This is very bad.

In addition, there are various outfits from Switzerland, Australia, the US, and Canada that sell Canadian listed shells and Swiss Company shells which require reporting in their jurisdiction or simply cannot bring their shares to trade. Often the Canadian listed shell companies traded on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange are built by people with NO REAL LAW experience but they call themselves merger law lawyers and associates regardless of their lack of experience.

In addition, Canadian shell companies listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange have a very bad reputation, probably the worst in Germany for not having companies with legitimate assets in it. To be listed as a Canadian Shell in Frankfurt immediately means to investors and regulators that your firm is not fit for investment. You will find that immediate scrutiny of your firm comes from being a Canadian listed firm. In addition, you do need to take on the cost of reporting in Canada under SEDAR as well as the market maker costs internationally.

We don’t build Canadian companies due to their bad reputation and structure, contact us to find out what the ideal structure is for you in Europe and how to best build firms that investors will take serious! Contact info@fselistings.com now!

Please Choose Your Location:

Canada – Looking to list on the Frankfurt Exchange

United States – Looking for a Frankfurt Listing

United Kingdom – Looking to raise capital and list on Frankfurt

South Africa – Looking to go public on Frankfurt

Australia – Looking for public shell, equity line, and financing on Frankfurt

Asia – Looking to build a WOFI and List on the Frankfurt Exchange

India – Looking to build a DFI vehicle and list on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange

Brasil/Brazil – Looking to list mining assets and technology companies on Frankfurt

South America – Looking to list agricultural projects, mining, energy, and technology

Central America –  Looking to list financial services, energy, and technology with FSE Listings

Africa – Agriculture Financing, Mining Financing, Power Plant Financing, by going public with FSE Listings

Fast financing and Frankfurt stock exchange listings with FSE Listings!

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Frankfurt Listings: Raise up to £4.37m from 150 investors without the requirement of a Prospectus! UK Regulations Changes make it Better For You To Be A UK Firm Raising Money!

Frankfurt Listings: Raise up to £4.37m from 150 investors without the requirement of a Prospectus! UK Regulations Changes make it Better For You To Be A UK Firm Raising Money!

For several years, FSE Listings Inc has been educating the public why the UK is simple and faster for listing firms; it appears now that they have become easier to raise capital with as well. Recent regulation changes spearheaded by Mark Hoban, Financial Secretary to the Treasury, have eased the ability for small businesses to raise equity finance from this month onward.

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) will be able to access up to £4.37m before a prospectus – a costly compliance procedure – is triggered.

Hoban said: “I’m delighted to announce that the UK is taking the lead in Europe by introducing these deregulatory measures early, saving UK SMEs £12m per year.

“Reducing the regulatory burdens faced by business is vital in making the UK the best place in Europe to start, finance and grow a company.

The deregulatory amendments to the EU Prospectus Directive became law at the beginning of this month, allowing businesses to take advantage of the measures from immediately.

As written in articles before by FSE Listings Inc, (http://www.fselistings.com/fse-listings) small firms need to look at equity finances as an alternative to going to the Bank who is overburdened, these simple changes makes the UK the leading place to headquarter your small business and list on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

The most important choice is making right choices! In order to do this, small businesses need to know the alternatives to credit and Banks, and the UK equity markets and the European Exchange Frankfurt Listings can reach the capital requirements privately and then publicly with ease.

The leading firm for assisting companies to gain much needed equity capital partners and Frankfurt Listings of UK firms is FSE Listings.

“Extending the number of investors and increasing the prospectus value will help more small businesses access equity finance and show there are more options than just going to the bank for credit. What’s important is that small businesses are aware of the alternative routes to finance.”

List today utilizing FSE Listings Inc!

Whether you are a US firm, Canadian Firm, Australian Business, New Zealand Business, Chinese Company, Spanish Company, UK Corporation, Limited, Public, or Sole Proprietor in any Country in the World, we can help you build a structure to go public on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange!

Contact info@fselistings.com!

FSE Listings

UK Change in Regulations, Raising Money

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Frankfurt Stock Exchange Listings (FSE Listings) July Report To Clients and Companies Looking To Go Public in South Africa

Frankfurt Stock Exchange Listings (FSE Listings) July Report To Clients and Companies Looking To Go Public in South Africa

New Frankfurt Listings

Within the month of July there have been 5 firms listed on the Entry Standard and 18 firms listed on the Open Market (Regulated Unofficial Market) at FWB® Frankfurter Wertpapierbörse (Frankfurt Stock Exchange).

FSE Listings Inc, www.fselistings.com remains the leading source of public listings on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange with 3 Frankfurt Listings in the month of July and no delistings of clients during the month of July.

Frankfurt Delistings vs Frankfurt Listings

It has been clear that several firms who have not contracted FSE Listings Inc to build their structure before Frankfurt listing have suffered from delisting of their company due to market trading requirements and the loose structures of other going public firms and merger law groups. Several of the going public companies ask for shares when companies go public, these shares released into the open market damage the obligation of the company to make a market. If these shares cause the market makers liability for placing a bid and ask, without a liquid market, the firms that list you could in effect cause the delisting of your firm. It is important that you always consult with FSE Listings Inc before you issue any shares in your firm. Several clients of these fast track express listings Frankfurt law firms, merger law groups or associates of such listings firm have all faced delisting possibly as their structures did not meet the 10 cents euro requirement, 500,000 euro capital, and bid & ask requirement of 2,000 to maintain a market. More importantly, they have not been able to keep up an active market in the shares of their firms or raise capital! The lack of experience of the listing firms have caused several companies to delist, and we expect many more to follow if they have not been listed by FSE Listings Inc or who have not taken explicit advice of FSE Listings and the market maker.

If you are an already listed firm and are afraid of delisting, please contact info@fselistings.com and we may be able to consult with your firm. Your listing is important to us. If you are thinking of listing, the only place you should go to is www.fselistings.com

Frankfurt Stock Exchange Listings with FSE Listings

The number one firm to use for listing foreign companies from the UK, Australia, Canada, the US, Russia, China, Thailand, New Zealand, Spain, France, Italy, South Africa, and elsewhere is still FSE Listings Inc run by Mark Bragg, Robert Russell, Charles Van Musscher, Brad McCarthy, Ryan Gibson, Llew Watkins, and many others who are part of the consortium globally! With over 1,000 companies listed on public exchanges and several billion in financing, the consortium’s connections to the Frankfurt Stock Exchange market makers and financing firms help clients achieve their goals and list efficiently and affordably. Contact info@fselistings.com and send your company name, contact information, and website for us to review for a free consultation.

FSE Listings Now!

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FSE Listings South Africa: Mining, Resources, Oil and Gas Companies on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange close to 100 listed contact FSE Listings Inc

FSE Listings South Africa: Mining, Resources, Oil and Gas Companies on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange close to 100 listed contact FSE Listings Inc

There have been close to 100 mining firms listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange making it one of the preferred listing arena’s for Venture Capital for mining firms. The TSX is well known for their heavy mining influence, however, more and more firms are listing on the open market of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange where all of the shares are free trading, the costs of operating the public company are less, and the requirements for listing do not fall into the extensive costs associated with NI 43101 and Competent Persons Reports that generally govern companies abilities in mining to list in the ASX, TSX, and JSE. The Frankfurt Stock Exchange has several firms listed in the open market sector currently, aside from the historical numbers, these are the firms listed in the mining sector on the Regulated Unofficial Board of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange:

Company ISIN Symbol
Man Oil Group AG CH0126050563 8MO
Arequipa Minerals Ltd. CA04013N1069 1AQ
Safari Minerals Inc. CA78637A1049 2SF
Minerva Capital AG CH0104931073 MC0
CSP China Steel PLC GB00B3YTTW86 CT4
Texas Oil & Minerals Inc. CA8825971077 T0M
Soam Resources PLC GB00B5VJ6Q87 S9R
Asia Euro Oil PLC GB00B66VKP31 AEY
African Opportunities Invest Capital Ltd. GB00B3QFW477 7FA
AAIC Bullion Refineries Group Ltd GG00B68J5S33 1AB
Eldora Gold Resources Ltd. CA2846571032 ER5
Cariboo Gold Mines PLC GB00B61DTR94 J16
Natural Spring Resources Inc. CA63902K1021 NSP
Formula Resources Inc. CA34641T1003 3FR
Incan Gold Corp. CA45326W1014 ZB7
Hutchison Minerals Co. Ltd. CA44842A1075 HZ0
First Newgate Petroleum Resources Co. Ltd. CA33583B1013 91P
Worldwide Natural Resources PLC GB00B3Y3X846 1WN
Bonifaz Gold PLC GB00B460HL17 BOG
MRE Resources Inc. CA55347M1077 MRZ
Blue Cap Resources Inc. CA09531A1066 R5U
Texas Petroleum Inc. CA8826521004 6TP
Mayberry Resources PLC GB00B4NS9M30 6MB
Bentley Fairview Resources Co. Ltd. CA08265A1003 B06
Crestwood Point Gas & Oil Co. Ltd. CA2264001090 3CW
Mineral Mining PLC GB00B5ZY7N30 M8M
AU Minera Corp. CA0501221000 A4N
SN Mineral Mining AG DE000A1EW0V8 SEM
Sahara Petroleum Exploration Corp. CA78710G1019 2S6
Sinaloa Gold PLC GB00B3QLKK79 S6G
Pembleton Minerals & Metallugical Co.Ltd. CA7063391089 7PB
Black Hawk Petroleum Inc. CA0920861071 9BH
Now Advertising Production PLC GB00B63XKN00 7NW
Normandy Mining PLC GB00B5VRSZ53 DMN
Black Dragon Resources Ltd., CA09203C1095 8BD
Liso Goldmines plc GB00B4T1N797 4SX
Electrum Mining Resources Ltd. GB00B60V4Y62 TXK
First Pacific Oil & Gas Corp CA33600A1021 C2G
Aurum Mining Resources PLC GB00B45H0921 66A
Purum Gold Inc. CA74639T1003 5PU
Aurora Gold Corp. US0516421064 A4G
Evergreen Bamboo International Ltd. GB00B67BHD90 LBT
Terra Resources PLC GB00B4YP8G08 T31
Standard Gold Mines PLC GB00B3WVJ933 H5L
Big Rock Resources Inc. CA0894831019 BRO
Cobram Oil PLC GB00B5NDT256 C8L
Blackwood Global Resources PLC GB00B59JBF47 7BO
Greenwave Bio Ltd. GB00B688NW04 3G0
Ridgeback Global Resources PLC GB00B608XL77 RDM
Tantalus Rare Earths AG DE000A0SMSL4 TAE
Anglo African Minerals PLC IE00B66ML191 AMQ
Primex Oil Production Inc. CA74163Y1034 YPO
Curcas Oil NL0009805621 CCZ
Philand Ranch Ltd. GB00B5461K52 1P8
Leon Mining  AG CH0044886478 BCG
A25 Gold Producers Corp. CA0021681022 ALQ
Petro Novus AG CH0044583075 GMS
Trans Atlantic Metals AG CH0028048160 3TA
Moku Goldmines AG CH0127777743 4LR
GB Mining Holding AG CH0039883936 G24
Northwest Oil & Gas Trading Co. Inc. US6677131012 ANN
Minerals Mining Corp. US6031561003 3KJ
Nicaragua Gran Canal AG CH0033665818 56N
Mingo Bay Properties PLC GB00B2NPLL36 5RB
Pan Minerals Oil & Gas AG CH0035954954 5PN
Trinity Mining Holding AG CH0031041178 TKX
Global Oil & Gas AG DE000A0LA379 3GO
GB Global Mining AG CH0033040814 35K
Ancan Resources PLC GB00B1VYSY75 LTZ
Nirek Resources Inc. CA6546411092 3N6
Central Kimberley Diamonds Ltd. AU0000XINEB9 DIA
Basic Rescources AG DE000A0JC0X4 W8Z
Oil & Gas Capital AG DE0001644391 C7B

Next Steps Your Firm Should Take…

Contact us with the following information on your firm:

  • Company Name
  • Contact Name
  • Contact Number
  • Contact Email
  • Amount of Capital invested to date
  • Amount of Capital required
  • Reasons for wanting to list
  • Description of Business
  • Website if available

Contact FSE Listings at info@fselistings.com or call +442032867779 to have us best advise you on listing your firm and going public.

If your firm is in one of these industries, feel free to contact one of the listing specialists directly:

  • Real Estate
  • Mortgages
  • Venture Capital firms
  • Energy Companies
  • Financial Services
  • Bonds
  • Telecommunications
  • Biotechnology
  • Environmental Remediation and ECO-firms
  • Green Companies
  • Aviation
  • Construction
  • Mining
  • Oil and Gas
  • Forestry, Timber, Lumber
  • Biodiesel and Biofuels
  • Media
  • Consumer Sector

Brad McCarthy can be reached at brad.mccarthy@fselistings.com

Brad McCathy’s specialty included Real Estate Frankfurt Listings, Mortgages Frankfurt Listings, Venture Capital firms Frankfurt Listings, Energy Companies Frankfurt Listings, Financial Services Frankfurt Listings, Telecommunications Frankfurt Listings, Biotechnology Frankfurt Listings, Biotechnology Frankfurt Listings, Environmental Remediation and ECO-firms Frankfurt Listings, and Green Companies Frankfurt Listings.

Robert Russell can be reached at Russell@fselistings.com

Robert Russell’s specialty is Aviation Frankfurt Listings, Bonds Frankfurt Listings, Construction Frankfurt Listings, Mining Frankfurt Listings, Oil and Gas Frankfurt Listings, Forestry, Timber, Lumber Frankfurt Listings, Biodiesels and Biofuels Frankfurt Listings, Media Frankfurt Listings, Energy Sector and Consumer Sector Frankfurt Listings.

Contact FSE Listings Inc today!

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FSE Listings: A note on FSE Listings experience with global stock exchanges like the NASDAQ, TSX, OTCBB, ASX, AIM, PLUS Markets, and more

It is true, FSEListings.com’s stock exchange listings consortium has also listed over 30 firms on the TSX within our consortium, including building CPCs, selling CPCs, building TSX companies, selling TSX companies. We have also been involved with 100s of listings, such as building OTCBB companies, selling OTCBB companies, ASX, AIM, PLUS, CNSX and Frankfurt. Our consortium developed firms and or worked with firms that have literally listed over 2000 companies on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. We are leaders in this field, and the most experienced professionals.

According to available information from the Frankfurt Stock Exchange its volume ranking is actually higher than that quoted by the World Stock Exchange reports, and with the new trading rules within Frankfurt as of May 23, we expect the exchanges volume to increase if not double if companies meet this requirement. As the premier group for listings globally (we run otclistings.com, stockexchangelistings.com, etc, for all the exchanges globally) FSE Listings Inc and our consortium have found the Frankfurt Listings to be more cost effective than any Canadian listings or US listings.

In addition, regardless of the other exchanges benefits of transparency for investors, the cost to new companies generally drives the businesses into shell status or depletes funds that could be used to develop the business effectively hindering investors placements to begin with… if I was an investor I would like to see funds going towards running the business not just keeping it public. The TSX, ASX, AIM, and OTCBB/NASDAQ being all over $100k per annum to maintain, even three times that when considering the legal, auditting, commitees that must be maintained and filing.

The TSX often is hindered by the requirement of broker warrants with financing options, and most of the listings are limited to initial support of listing and then the companies are on their own. Sometimes dual listing onto other exchanges helps the Canadian liquidity, but for the most part, a very small portion of their companies trade. (A few larger traders make up the majority of the TSX trading volume, a large iliquid market). The OTCBB also suffers the terminal disease of no trading or promotion which is regulated and for the most part a sure way to tarnish your business. Europe’s open regulations in terms of promotions, use of media, and disclosure requirements actually allow companies to get more positive exposure without the concern of negative outcomes. In addition, your stock price is not beaten down by warrants, brokers, and short selling aside from your market makers 2,000 shares on the bid and ask, the market is a natural market. Much healthier for public image. As you get into the higher boards, TSX not TSX.V or NASDAQ, not OTCBB, you do get a lot more natural markets. However it is costly to get there. The reality is you are right, there are other options to IPOs, such as mergers, acquisitions, and sale of assets, but IPOs and listings are not just exit strategies. We co-ordinate at least 10 mergers per annum for exit strategies, we are actually working on a few right now in the IT sector and power plant sector. Private firms that simply didn’t want to go through the process of listing, but essentially that’s an exit strategy. I however disagree with the notion going public is for only an exit strategy… that’s misinformed. Its to enable liquidity of the shares, it can be used as an exit, IPOs and the book making part of it could exit some founder shares and finance the firm, but the reality is its to:

  • raise money
  • gain exposure
  • get international attention versus just the retail interest of your local market
  • increase the value of your assets and business which were otherwise illiquid
  • build a structure of which you can grow, use shares to acquire assets, and build a successful enterprise

Although it is an exit for some, there are many more benefits to going public. If you are a smaller enterprise with big hopes of growing, being financed, and someday allowing shareholders to exit, the fastest way is on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange bar none with FSE Listings Inc. No one can contest that. We list about 5-6 companies a month, 9-10 companies right now, but it varies. Trully if you want to list firms, merger with firms, build a public company to acquire assets and or other companies, increase the value of your firm, and have an exit… then a listing is probably the best option.

Although we have seen in the IT sector a lot of acquisitions as of late, most of it is purchase of websites and traffic, and building up large traffic bases in a specific market. That can be done, but organically, there may be 10 such opportunities you want to buy and getting public money would be the fastest. Thats just a simple roll-up example that a public company would be vital for.

Please contact us, we are probably one of the most effective firms for answering these questions and the most experience in general on all exchanges in the World. Sometimes the most effective way is to stay private and raise the capital. We can coach you through this process to with the end goal being a public offering or listing as discussed. You can start as low as 15k euro, which gives all the tools to raise capital and build your business.

The easiest way to get started is to contact us with your questions at info@fselistings.com

FSE Listings

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Finance Your Firm with A Pre-Financed FSE Listing

Our firm supplies through our partner www.deutschecapitalpartners.com financing for Frankfurt Listed firms.

We can supply market based financing such as PIPEs, Equity Lines of Credit, Stock Options and Private Equity. In addition, we can supply the prelisted firm with the commitments attached and list your firm newly on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

Contact us for more details, our financings range from 1 million to 500 million. We are under NDA and can not put client references within this post, but please contact us.

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